Swan Academy Trust


On January 1st 2014, Beaufort Primary School became an Academy.


We are proud and excited to be part of the Swan Trust, an Umbrella Trust, formed by five local schools who believe that school to school support and collaboration will bring about improvements in the quality of learning for pupils in our area. 

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Barnsbury Primary School

Beaufort Primary School


The Hermitage School

The Horsell Village School

The Oaktree School

Although we have worked together for several years as part of the wider Woking Learning Partnership of 33 schools,  we have worked more closely as a smaller group since 2012 and have chosen to formalise this relationship as part of our long term commitment to work together and, most importantly, our shared values and ethics. 

The Umbrella Trust was registered with the DfE in July 2013 and, as each school converted to Academy status in their own right over 2013/14, we officially joined the Swan Trust as equal partners. We hope that our five schools, who share a child centred ethos, will continue to work effectively together to enhance the education of all the children in our care. 

We had our first joint event for staff and governors in the Summer 2014 to launch the Swan Trust.

The impact of the Swan Trust has been significant for all five schools, reflecting the commitment and support we feel as professionals. When looking at the changing national agendas, we know we have made the right decision when it comes to partnership work and the challenge we provide to one another.

At the beginning of each school year, we share our school data and develop a shared action plan which links to each of our School Development Plans. This action plan highlights the priorities for the Trust for the academic year and shows how we plan to use each school’s strength to support one another.

Priorities for 2015/16:
1. Continue to develop effective collaboration at all levels, including staff and children.
2. Further develop collaborative research and monitoring between schools.
3. Develop effective systems of assessment which allow for effective moderation.
4. Raise standards in leadership, teaching and learning and pupil outcomes across the Swan Trust.

Each year, we will engage in a range of activities to bring about school improvement linked to the annual priorities. These may include:

  • * Shared training and INSET
  • * Sharing of best practise using each schools strengths
  • * Action research in other schools investigating practice and impact for pupils.
  • * Peer coaching and support for staff at all levels.
  • * Leadership training including development of good governance practice.
  • * Initiatives which raise the quality of teaching and learning.
  • * Moderation of teacher judgements for pupil attainment and progress.
  • * Early Years development
  • * Support for the actioning of new government initiatives.
  • * Investigation into commissioning of a range of services, contracts and purchases as a group to provide better value for money.

In addition to our established series of regular Directors’, Heads & Deputies’ and Chairs of Governors’ meetings each term and ongoing development work, we have a joint INSET each year to look at the benefits and potential future opportunities for our collaborative partnership.

We will keep you updated of further developments through our newsletters. If you have any ideas for shared community events, please do let us know!