Creative Arts

At Beaufort school, every child has the opportunity to learn to play an instrument during their time with us. For those who show more interest in learning an instrument, peripatetic music lessons can be arranged for a wide range of instruments. In addition, we aim to provide extra-curricular clubs which offer children the opportunity to participate in musical experiences. Visiting groups visit at least once a year, offering our children the opportunity to hear and see a variety of instruments being played and to hear live music being performed.

Children at Beaufort are encouraged to use instruments, including their voice, for pleasure and to develop their talent within our school. Opportunities are given to children to sing with a choir, which participates in events throughout the year, including opportunities to sing in and for the local community. Children at the top end of the school are given the opportunity to participate annually in a choir experience at the O2 in London, a valuable opportunity to rehearse and sing with many other schools and a full orchestra.

Beaufort children hear and participate in music regularly and are encouraged to respond to, develop a love of, and appreciate a wide range of music. They are taught to appreciate a variety of music and to recognise the impact it can have on an atmosphere and on their own emotions. Children listen to calm, peaceful music at key times throughout the day, both in the hall and in their classrooms, including when entering to be ready for their learning.

We aim to promote an enquiring mind-set towards what they might like to explore/develop musically. All children are encouraged to express themselves and respond through musical experiences, including responding to a stimulus through the creation of a musical piece.

At Beaufort Primary School drama skills and techniques are taught throughout the school. These are built upon year on year, from role play to hot seating and full scale productions. Drama is also used as a tool for delivering other areas of the curriculum including History and PSHCE; this enables children to empathise with others and put themselves into different situations and times.

Drama teaching throughout the school will use both the indoor and outdoor learning environment. Roleplay areas are used in all KS1 classrooms and some KS2 classrooms, where relevant to the learning. Resources such as dressing up costumes, props and story sacks are available for all to use. In addition, drama will use stimuli including photographs, paintings, extracts of texts and scenarios.

All children have the opportunity to be involved in productions at different points in the year; from a nativity performance in Early Years and Key Stage One to a full scale play in upper Key Stage Two. This allows the development of all children’s drama skills but also enables those who are talented in drama to shine and further build upon their skills.