Teaching English at Beaufort

The value of English in the curriculum? What can I say? Without English, nothing. Without good English, nothing very well. 
Anne Fine, Author

Our Aims

At Beaufort, children acquire the knowledge, skills and understanding in English, which make it possible for them to express themselves well, make sense of the world and experience new ideas. We aim to help all our children at Beaufort to:

*  Love English.

*  Be exposed to high quality texts and experiences.

*  Make good progress, with the majority of children meeting or exceeding national expected levels of achievement in all areas

(reading, writing, speaking and listening).

*  Express their ideas fluently, confidently and imaginatively both orally and in writing (using Standard English).

*  Show a high degree of grammatical accuracy and write effectively across a range of genres for specific purposes, both in

English and across the curriculum.

*  Show, in their writing, creativity in ideas and language choices.

*  Develop fluent, legible handwriting and accurate spelling and be able to proof read and edit their own work.

*  Become keen, fluent readers and, as they progress through the school, show a mature understanding of a wide range of

challenging texts.



The curriculum used at Beaufort is based on the National Curriculum for English provided by the government. Details for each aspect of our English Curriculum can be seen by clicking on the links below:

Click below for details of the Beaufort English Curriculum








For more details, see our English Policy in our ‘Further Information’ Section