The cornerstones of Maths teaching and learning at Beaufort are:

  • Making connections across mathematical ideas to develop fluencyreasoning and problem solving
  • Encouraging deep rather than superficial learning, with the aim of embedding.
  • Enriching the children’s mathematical thinking and understanding.

In order to support the 3 cornerstones, we aim for Maths teaching and learning at Beaufort to:

  • be CRAFTY (Challenge, Relevance, Awe & Wonder, Fun, Talk, You)
  • involve the conscious application of thinking skills
  • be hands on
  • be supported by the use of concrete resources as well as models and images at all ages and levels of ability
  • encourage independence
  • have choosing, using, applying and discussing embedded in most lessons and evident in Maths books.
  • happen in incremental stages according to what are the next steps for each child ie: start with what the children can do (stage) and move towards where they are supposed to be (age) by the end of the year.
  • be viewed positively by children, staff and parents
  • be set in a meaningful context relating to the real world
  • be based on solid subject knowledge
  • involve choice and flexibility, of method, timing and format of lessons.
  • be adapted to ensure good progress within and across lessons.
  • reference the calculations ladders.
  • recognise that the ‘language’ of Maths needs to be learnt
  • involve quick recall in some aspects eg: tables, bonds
  • involve fluency in mental methods
  • involve flexibility with regard to choice of method
  • provide children with opportunities to apply their Maths skills in other contexts and subjects